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We can offer you the possibility to be insured by a third party, Medicover. They are a leading company in their field in our region and also the best solution in Hungary for a foreigner student. For detailed information and to see the list of benefits click here.

Having an insurance is mandatory in order to obtain your visa. Please note that we, at PIFIS, only accept full coverage insurance, like Medicover's. Travel insurances will be denied during registration.

If you choose to be covered by Medicover we will send you a certificate of the insurance via mail before your visa application but you will only need to pay for the insurance when you arrive to Hungary. The fee of the insurance for the year is 85.000 HUF


Airport Transfer

With a third party service we can send somebody to pick you up from the airport and take you to your accommodation. The cost of the airport transfer is:

- Up to 2 people:  - 60.-€ ,(total)
- Up to 6 people:-90.-€, (total)
- Up to 12 people:-120.-€, (total)

The transfer fee includes the following services:
- Somebody will wait for you at the airport, and he will have a board with you name on it
- He will get you to the dormitory/your destination.
- He will help you to make the registration in the dormitory.

In case your flight is delayed you need to inform us and in case the transfer has to wait for you at the airport the driver will charge you 2.000.-HUF/hour.

Person Rolling Suitcase in Airport

Get in touch to learn more about our extra services.

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