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The University of Miskolc is a unique and prestigious institution ranked among the top 10 universities in Hungary. Our campus brings together over 11000 Hungarian and more than 500 international students, We offer a comprehensive range of disciplines, with 8 faculties dedicated to fields such as mechanical engineering, materials and earth science engineering, informatics, economics, arts, law, health care, and music.
At the University of Miskolc, we strive for a well-integrated blend of academic and recreational facilities, offering a professional and comfortable experience for our students. Our modern dormitories, high-tech laboratories, sports facilities and leisure opportunities are located close to each other, creating an environment that promotes academic excellence and an eventful campus lifestyle.
The University of Miskolc offers a vibrant social scene, with various events organized throughout the academic year. These events provide excellent opportunities for students from all over the world to build international relations, professional partnerships and make lifelong friendships in a rich cultural and green environment.
Preparatory Institute for International Students (PIFIS) has been organizing preparatory programs for foreign students who would like to complete their higher education studies in Hungary for more than 30 years. In 2024 PIFIS signed an agreement with the University of Miskolc to organize their Official Preparatory Program, in the framework of which we prepare students for three bachelor programs in English:
BSc in Nursing and Patient Care (Nurse),
BSc in Computer Science Engineering,
BA in Performance
Our aim is to develop students’ language skills, attitude and knowledge to help them succeed in their future studies and to complete a degree. Leaving their home country and family to live and study in a new and sometimes a completely different environment is naturally a big step for our students. We are well aware of the difficulties of the phenomenon known as culture shock and support our students to cope with it. During the preparatory year we put a great emphasis on teaching cultural and intercultural skills, as well, which makes them able to adapt to a culturally diverse community both at university and in their future life.

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”

General Colin Powell, former US Secretary of State

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